Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today, it's all about the peas

I'm resisting a title like 'give peas a chance' here! But it really has been a pea-friendly day. I finally frogged my Maelstrom in Socks that Rock Pixie Park. The pooling wasn't working with the pattern. And I started knitting up the Outside In socks from Knitty and they're working a treat! As the sock description suggests, these socks were dying to be known as The Princess and the Pea socks! I've shown them here with my favourite picture book of the tale, as told by Lauren Child.

It's always been one of my favourite fairy tales. I still have urges to pile my bed with multiple mattresses. One day, I will have that ladder leading to the very top!

Today I also made a little themed purchase - a Princess and the Pea necklace! It's adorable.

And ordered some actual peas. It' about that time of year to start thinking about the vegetable patch and now that the hens have very helpfully dug it up and fertilised it, I'm ready to find a means of keeping them out and the vegetables in. I've ordered purple and green peas, broad beans and purple carrots. Purple carrots are marvellous. Spicy. And since these are the things I particularly enjoy eating, I thought I'd have a go at getting a really good crop.


Bells said...

oh your garden will be lovely. I have never grown peas in Canberra. They are always killed off by the frost!

Rose Red said...

Oh, peas. I'd love to grow peas! I should investigate!

Also, I love your blog header photo. You've probably had it forever and I haven't noticed, but it is fabulous!