Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hopping on one foot in the snowdrops

Yes, I was just in the very damp, freshly mowed front garden, hopping on one foot, camera in one hand, half-finished toe-up sock with circulars attached perched on toes, trying to take a picture of Bingley in the pretty snowdrops. Who knows what my neighbours thought was going on!

Snowdrops, along with daisies and daffodils and nasturiums, because I'm not that picky, are my favourite flowers. Since they've come out, I've been meaning to take a knitting photo featuring them. And I love my Bingley sock. You know that project that is taking for ever, is really tricky (at least for you!), but you actually love it every time you pick it up and work on it? That's Bingley. I adore Bingley! Bingley makes me happy on the worst of days.

And I have a new laptop bag care of VCM! The one I took to England is just a tad too small, so this a nice big laptop bag! I just love the corny fabric. I'm not a big fan of the very serious laptop bags you can buy. I just can't see the value in them and they seem to shout 'hello, there's a laptop in here.' Hopefully the Ladies of Liberty here will distract the ill-intentioned from such thoughts! Plus, it's just a cuter bag.


artificiallymythic said...

Bingley looks great! What a gorgeous colour!

And I do like a colourful laptop bag. It's very American Gods for some reason - I'll get back to you on what makes me think that....

Bells said...

oh yours are out! Mine aren't. Not even close yet. That is such a cute photo!

kgirl said...

those socks are great!

and just as an aside, in reference to your comments on my last post, I also loved Half asleep in Frog Pajamas, and Still life with the Woodpecker :)