Saturday, July 25, 2009

There's no place like home?

It's odd, but when I think of 'home,' I might be thinking of any number of places. The lemon tree I made a cubby house beneath when I was little, the city I grew up in, Oxford, where I lived for a couple of years, certain streets in Vienna that became oh so familiar... and, of course, where I am now.

So, when I say I've just returned home from home...

While at my other home, I was doing a little stashing, of course, including my first ever Malabrigo from Tangled Yarns.

I fell particularly in love with that skein of apple green, so bright and crisp and soft. No idea what to do with it, but it makes me happy. VCM also shouted me some pretty new dotty needles from Threads and More.

There was a little antiquing involved and VCM also shouted me this plate, which caught my fancy because, basically... pigs and eggs? And random fruit. I've shot it with my one remaining egg. Mimi is molting. And last night I managed to smash five eggs in one shot due to a wonky crisper drawer. Bother.

And I shouted myself some Converse sneakers... or I stole them from a wicked witch. You choose!


Rose Red said...

Are those sparkly red converse??!! Where from, where from?? This is the second time I've seen them on a blog recently, and so it must be a sign...don't you think?!

Bells said...

the fingerless mitts i just made (evangeline) took less than half a skein of malabrigo - the pattern comes in a longer size too - imagine them in that green!!!

Jacqui said...

ooo are they the new sparkly ones? I so want some. Love the new egg plate.. the girls are in full swing so we are getting heaps but Marjie is getting whingy so we know the brood approacheth