Wednesday, August 12, 2009


As I mentioned, I won Life In the Dome's blog contest (click here to see the hens make the important decision). So as soon as the parcel arrived, I had to show my hens. It was quite a windy day, though, so I think the general consensus on the gorgeous vintage table cloth was: "what is that flappy thing you keep waving at us?"

And here it is in its full glory along with the oh so sweet tea cups! Plus some extras...

It's been a frantic couple of weeks. My mind has not been able to grapple with anything more difficult than vanilla socks. So I wound up a hank of The Yarn Cafe's Passionfruit 'Drift' sock yarn and am absolutely loving it as a vanilla sock! I was knitting along to Artificially Mythic's lecture, which was utterly fabulous... but not more fabulous than her Avalonne, which is the most wonderful thing I've seen in ages. Can't wait for her to post pictures of it! And it has a very Tolkien vibe.

I also got my first roving from Knit It Up - including milk roving, which is so beautiful to the touch. Even nicer than silk! And the colours! I have a spindle coming soon. I plan to spin!

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Bells said...

oh you went to Shelley's lecture! That's so great!

Beautiful table cloth....and extras!