Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Right Picture Book

Seriously, knitters will love Emily Gravett's The Rabbit Problem. It's a touch naughty (but just for adults in the know!), it's gorgeous, and it features knitting! I'm a fan of all her books. Just try Little Mouse's Book of Fears. Her work is so tactile and knitters like tactile!

My sparkly red converse sneakers had an outing yesterday - they gave their first lecture. And boy was it fun to bounce around the front of the lecture theatre in sparkly red converse sneakers, feeling like a cross between Dorothy and the Doctor. Although, the funniest thing was hopping on the bus. The bus driver was staring at my feet and automatically gave me a concession fare! So, of course, today I ordered fushia high tops. I have plans to stencil a little personalisation upon them.

I'll have an FO to show in just a short period of time! Artificially Mythic was so right. My Pixie Park really wanted to be a shawl... I mean... really wanted to be a shawl. Well, an Ishbel scarf to be precise!

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