Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Very Scary Night

It was perhaps even a little scarier than planned. It was a cold night. The plan was to curl up with some chilli and blue corn chips and watch Doctor Who - "Silence in the Library" to be exact (incidentally, it has the best commentary ever). However, the chilli was itself a little scarier than imagined. Now, you'd think I'd gather this from something called "Hairy Scary Chilli Sauce," wouldn't you? But no. Me? Scared of chilli? I'm a girl who was fed pepperoni by her grandfather as an infant. I'm a girl who shared the adult pizza at slumber parties because, seriously, pineapple and ham? But oh... am I scared now...

In the end, though, a good week! I got to meet Artificially Mythic, who was working on her RTA (which is gorgeous!) during my lecture, which is the best thing ever! And then... everyone should see this... you clicked it, right? So now you agree! And I even won!!! I never win!

Although, this could explain why Mimi asked me to send 20 bucks up to Marjorie... thank you Life In the Dome!

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artificiallymythic said...

Congratumalations on your win. :)

Oh, and I've missed knitting in lectures. Even though that was the first lecture I've been to in 4 years and I'd usually hide up the back and knit. I will be knitting when I am not talking. :)