Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The cocktail lounge continues to draw in new shawls...

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As soon as I cast "Let Them Eat Cake" off, I was casting on a Damson in numma numma's Black Cherry Jam. The yarn is glorious. It glows. It does look like jam.

The new shawl is titled "Jam and Wolves" (to be sung to the tune of "My Favourite Things"). It's in honour of Neil Gaiman's The Wolves in the Walls, one of my favourite picture books, in which the wolves scoff pots of jam. There's also a hint of Little Red Riding Hood there in the shawl. Perhaps she did have a pot of jam in the basket along with the other goodies for grandma?

In the background, you can see my new sock bag from Stuck in Illinois's Etsy shop. Very good deal, that one.


Rose Red said...

Another shawl good enough to eat!! Yum!

Maria said...

Love, love, love the colour.

artificiallymythic said...

I don't think there's any contest in who's Damson is fairest of them all... yours in naturally. I mean, mine is mithril-like (on purpose), but that colour... oh so pretty. (So was let them eat cake, btw). :)