Friday, September 4, 2009

Fabric Fluffy Ducks

I think I'd like to try a Fluffy Duck. But, aside from that, yes, I've been doing a little fabric stashing! And have become obsessed with owls... which may have been evident from certain cabling efforts going on. But aren't these prints glorious? The red and orange owls are from an Australian designer, Saffron Craig.

My 'Let Them Eat Cake' shawl is so close to the end, but it was kind of a rough week... so not only did she languish a little, one of the stitches got up and left. Only, I'm not sure where the stitch was to begin with. So, I figure, if I can't find where it was, no one else will... right? And one day, maybe the stitch will come back. If you see it, please make sure it is well looked after and happy.

This morning, I gave myself a little sleep in. So by the time I tottered out to see to the hens, they were very very hungry. Mimi followed me, her wings severely crossed, as I went to their grain bin. As I was still a bit slow, she gave me an encouraging peck, before turning tail and running over to the spot where the grain is sprinkled. She has now eaten, but periodically pops up on the top step, near the back door, to tell me loudly and clearly about how hungry she still is.


Anonymous said...

I have found your stitch it was hitch hicking to the craft shop, said it was being picked on by the fatter stitches and went looking for more yummie wool mummies.

Jan said...

I also have your stitch. it migrated to Sydney and snuck onto the large circular needle for my pi blanket. Unfortunately, it stuffed up my feather and fan pattern and I had to rip back several repeats, about 12 rows of 288 stitches. I was not happy when finished, so I threw your stitch out the door! Don't know where it went. I hope it didn't decide to visit Rosered not far away. It will mess up her beautiful Wollmeise.

Jacqui said...

Well thanks for that! It ended up here, in my crochet (of all things) and while I wasn't looking, grabbed a few others to take with it and then ran off again. So much for the cute poncho I was making for my new little niece. Had to start the whole thing again!