Friday, September 11, 2009

Oooh, I love this book!

I got Linda Kopp's The Joy of Sox yesterday and carried it about with me all day, simply because I love it! I love the whole concept of it and the socks inside are inventive, fresh and lively... well, how could they not be with names like "A Roll in the Hay," "Sole Mates," "Make-up Socks" and "Afternoon Delight"? There's gorgeous cables, pretty little lace socks to die for ("Sweet Nothings") and great images. The spiral binding inside is a dream.

As you can see, there's a continued accumulation of owls, including an owl bag from Pink Lady Designs, which is beautifully made. Yes, I mainly wanted the fabric, but it's going to be a favourite bag! VCM makes most of my bags. I have a thing for fabric bags. Always unique, interesting, light to carry, and cheap enough to coordinate with most outfits. Every now and then I look at the price of bags in the department stores and gasp.

But I'd better get back to my lunch - I'm doing a rice and egg dish. It's a writing day!

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