Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sometimes, you just need the Doctor around...

I love handmade, crafty pop culture merchandise! And VCM, using the pattern here, whipped a Doctor up for me! Isn't he brilliant? Complete with his own little sonic screwdriver. And it's fun to play with his hair!

I have the best Mum.

My Jam & Wolves shawl, however, is being unknit a little. 8 extra stitches came for a visit and overstayed their welcome.

In better news, today I won a voucher from Knit It Up, one of my all time favourite Etsy stores! Seriously, I love her yarn and fibre. I'm knitting the Netherfield socks in her Bingley yarn from the Pride and Prejudice sock club. Those socks are taking me a long time, but I'm enjoying them like no other socks, so I'm in no rush to finish. She also has a cinema sock club month for Coraline coming up. So, thank you to Knit It Up!

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