Friday, October 16, 2009

Bloomin' colour!

I wish...

I wish...

I wish yarn would grow on trees!!!

In the meantime, I propped some little margaritas up in the boughs of my blossoming apple tree.

First, three from Spacefrog. I've only just discovered Spacefrog. Look at that colour! Spacefrog knows me. I could gobble it all up. I might. Once I stop hiding my credit card from myself (it sound ineffective, but if you saw my desk, you'd understand).

Then two beauties from Knit It Up, one of my long term favourites who recently had a little sale. There is silk in that there green 'Mermaid.' And I had to have 'Ophelia' so I have something to knit when my Hamlet DVD arrives in January (pre-ordered from the RSC - you get extra postcards).

And doesn't this little bag of merino/tencel just deserve to be photographed against a bright blue sky? Because, of course, it's called 'Cumulus'. I can spin cloud and sky! Just like Frigg.

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