Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't look! It's Valerie's Miracle Scarf!

At least, don't look if you're still catching up on ingredients! I finished a few nights ago and you'll see the finished product at the bottom of this post, prettily hung among the red roses! I had to wrangle thorns for that shot, you know!

But I really enjoyed the project. The ingredients were always fun to receive and a square took about one episode of Bones or NCIS. Perfect.

This morning, having glanced at the pile of drafts and papers I have to get through today, I hopped off to make cinnamon French toast with maple syrup and, very aptly, then squeezed in a row of my Orange Juice Coraline. I've just finished the hem, which seemed to take forever. And am now perfectly on schedule, so I've snuck in this lunch time blog post!

Oh, and did you see that The Yarn Cafe has a new blend? Organic cotton and tencel. I needed a little for summer knitting? Also, I'm apparently obsessed with green... Greens and Pistachio in this case. Greens has already all gone!

And now... Valerie's Miracle Scarf! Okay, well, the shot's so small, it probably isn't really spoiling anything anyway!

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