Sunday, October 25, 2009

No pictures!

There will be soon, though! We had the last Kniterature meet up with Artificially Mythic on Friday. We met at a cafe, all with our Needle Food projects. It's sad to wave Artificially Mythic off for the next few months - she's been fun to have about!

And isn't this a great way to show off sock yarn?

I'm just catching up on Valerie's Miracle Scarf. The eel shark net is done now! And I've cast on another shawl... I know, it's seriously a sickness. I joked the other day that you can tell when I'm stressed. I tend to be very productive in the knitting stakes. I am, however, looking forward to another night with Bones and Castle and various knitting projects. It sets me up nicely to face Monday!

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