Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who doesn't love samples?

I've been reading lots of words by other people, so I feel the need for a quick break to use my own words. And I do have something fantastic to blog! Look at the Ewe Beaut Sample Box! If you join the Ravelry group, they give you information about when the boxes (well, actually they're padded envelopes!) go up on Etsy. I missed the 10am drop, since I was running to a 10am lecture and had managed to forget to log on first... by the time I got to "commit to buy," my box had gone! Fortunately, there was a 9pm drop. So, while watching NCIS, I refreshed, I refreshed, I refreshed and... got a box!

And it's fantastic value. Lots and lots of great samples from Australian and New Zealand fibre and yarn indies... and good sized samples at that! 20-25g generally speaking. And Needle Food, bless her, sent her sample with chocolate... which didn't quite survive for the photo shoot... Such gorgeous samples too! I've already bookmarked a few new sites!

So would definitely recommend seeking the samples... although, truth to tell, should I be telling everyone? More competition? Maybe I'll just delete this post...

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