Friday, October 9, 2009

A writing day

Is there anything better than a writing day when you can sit at your keyboard, tapping away, while still in your pajamas?

I didn't think so.

Lola and Fifi are looking out from their bunker. I think there's a food war going on. I'm training them to use a new feeder. They aren't happy about it.

I have a plan! I have big balls of orange (BWM Luxury) that I plan to turn into a Coraline. That's a lot of brightness, right? But can you imagine wearing it casually with jeans? I can. I love the orange, too. It's so gosh darn-it-all happy. I can't wait for long rows of stocking stitch. My brain is fried. Although Valerie's Miracle Scarf is almost caught up. Maybe tonight during Torchwood I'll be up to date.

And I managed to snaffle a Phat Fiber Box! The theme was fairy tales, folklore, myth, so, seriously, one had to be mine! I don't have favourites, really, but these are the little samples currently on my desk, that I've been patting. "The Princess Bride" from eXtreme Spinning (yes, if any were my favourite...). Clover from Serendipitous Ewe. Unicorn Planet from Knitty and Color. Midnight Elf along with marker from Serendipity Fiber Arts. Fairy Godmother from Blue Mountain Handcrafts. I never used to be into the novelty end of handspun, but the more I look at Fairy Godmother, the more I want to knit a throw for my bed from it.

Okay, back to the real writing!


Rose Red said...

I LOVE the idea of an orange coraline! Orange is such an underused colour!

missfee said...

I fully endorse the use of orange for a coraline - as I did one too!!!!!
Watch out for the gauge as the pattern is written for a yarn that drops alot!!!!