Saturday, November 14, 2009

It couldn't be helped

The moment I saw Ysolda's Peak Island Hood, I knew I'd found my reason to order Needle Food's Cranberry Worsted. Just look at that saturated colour!!

Yes, I know red for a hood is a little corny, but I don't care. It's going to be glorious. I adore the yarn, I love the project, and I have dubbed it Bigby, after my favourite character from Bill Willingham's Fables. He is the Big Bad Wolf, you know.

You can see my little wolf pendant there too... I bought that in Quebec. For some reason, it never gets old that when people admire it and ask where I got it, I get to say 'Quebec'. Incidentally, I had one of my all-time favourite holidays in Quebec. The food is utterly amazing - better than in France! - the people are the friendliest I've ever encountered in my travels, even when I was totally baffled by the dialect, and Quebec city is unlike any place I've ever been before. Most cities now tend to morph a bit into each other. Not Quebec. The river was frozen over!!! There were mad Canadians skating around ramps in the city. They were building an ice castle in the streets. My jeans froze one evening while I was wearing them. Okay, I love extreme cold, but seriously, a gorgeous city that is an odd mix of the best of Europe and the New World, so to speak.

Oh, and the breakfasts I ate... I was so stuffed! The B&B was being taken care of by some friends of the owner and they were having the time of their lives experimenting with recipes. I've never eaten that well... although, The Bear Inn in Hay-on-Wye comes the closest.

Speaking of food, the other night, with all the heat and the fact I had some avocados lying about not knowing what to do with themselves, I looked up some pasta recipes and cobbled together my own version. Ta da.

Admittedly, it looks a bit washed out in the photo, but it was delicious. If you need to be gluten free, Spiral Foods Fettuccine is glorious. You just cook up the pasta while you mix together avocado, a little lemon, balsamic vinegar, garlic, chopped cherry tomatoes and red onion (next time I'm going for spring onion, but I didn't have any then), salt and pepper. Yum.

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