Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's easy being green

With literally a teaspoon full of yarn to spare...

I finished the Fairy Godfather Shawl!

The sheen of the silk in the blend is impossible to describe in happy enough terms, so very pleased with the latest Damson. So much so that I took advantage of Knit It Up's Black Friday sale to purchase a little more Silky, this time in bright shades of blue. I also had that voucher from a few months ago burning a hole in my pocket!

Which means I should probably likewise confess to a yarn purchase at Enchanted Knoll Farm. The colours are deep and earthy, which is unusual for me (you might have noticed the parade of unabashed brightness), but a yarn called 'Wood Elves'? Seriously, how could I resist? And 'Fiesta', with its golden and plum highlights... lovely. It's a lace weight, so will have to give serious consideration to use.

I just have to decide upon an appropriate project to take to work on Monday... there's a long planning meeting for most of the day and the only way I think I'll retain a shred of sanity is to have my needles with me and a pretty yarn.

Okay, off to write about pumpkins!


Grand Purl Baa said...

Now that is what I call economical, excellent planning, good management, a good eye.... and down right lucky. A teaspoon indeed.

Beautiful beautiful shawl. And yummy Wool in Waiting too.

Thanks for visiting GPB Ms Gidgetknits.

kms said...

oh look, really literally a teaspoon! a beautiful result though, well done!

Maria said...

The shawl is beautiful!
As for the yarn, I keep favouring one, then I go back to the other, then back again - their both lovely