Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nearly dinner time

I just picked some artichokes for dinner... now I just have to decide how to cook and eat them... I'm tempted to go quite plain. Maybe with a poached egg and toast?

My purple peas are on the vines too, now. I get a childish delight out of the purple pods! The peas inside will still be green, but the dark pods are glorious.

I'm reading a book on children's literature for review and still wading through the final papers that require grading, but there is some knitting that is oh so close to being finished...

No, not the orange juice Coraline. Although, that is proving to be excellent telephone knitting and is growing ever so slowly. I still love the colour.

But we'll see... I'm aiming to spend tonight coach potato'ing with Stargate Atlantis and the nearly finished WIP.

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