Monday, December 7, 2009

Feathered fiends

Would you just look at this creature? This creature has been leaving a fantastic mess under my plum tree of half-eaten, half-ripe plums!!! I hope he's getting a tummy ache. (Mind, you have to love the pose he struck for the photo!)

And last night? I was watching "The Waters of Mars" and Lola began to shriek. I dashed outside and Lola was standing at the rose bush, pointing her beak towards the gate that I hadn't quite closed after weeding the front garden. Mimi and Coco were already out and onto the front lawn having a wonderful time! So there I was, in a dressing gown, running around the front lawn trying to herd chickens before they got into all the ditches created by the road works occurring outside my house, while I should have been curled up inside watching Doctor Who!

In between various feathery chaos, I did some spur of the moment Christmas knitting. I had promised myself to do no Christmas knitting, but I got stuck on what to give a couple of friends and knitting kind of solves the problem.

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Jacqui said...

How rude to interrupt your Doctor Who viewing! I was riveted.

We call the cockatoos terrorists. I watched six descend on the Summer Palace, position themselves next to a roof bolt each, then start gnawing. They might have powerful beaks but they didn't get far.

On Sunday I interrupted a goshawk surveying the back yard for dinner.The girls were frozen stiff, not making any noise. When it saw me, it flew off and it was massive! I'm glad they will be locked up for the week in case it comes back.

Ah, chickens!