Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just convincing myself I can string two words together...

I'm having one of 'those' mornings. I did finish up some paperwork, but I have a couple of very minor, not hard to complete revisions to make on something else and all I can currently think is 'I can't write... seriously... I should be ashamed of myself.' This has resulted in multiple cups of coffee, decisions on what laundry I can do, a visit to the postbox that included pulling up several dozen weeds (not necessarily a bad thing), and now a blog post. The latter stems from the reasoning 'if I can write the blog post, I can write these revisions up.'

Touch wood, I rarely suffer from writer's block. I can write. My problem is that I often look at my writing and think 'I really can't write.' The words are all there, but they never look good. I can see all the ways in which they could be better. Then people mention pet peeves about books and articles and I think back over the times I *might* have committed those same atrocities and I'm a goner. This is why I have an awful time being critical of another's work. I'm all too aware that I've probably made the same errors, the same lazy assumptions. So this morning, I'm just a bit stalled over revisions.

So I'll take the opportunity to show you my little splurge at Enchanted Knoll Farm from when they were having their sale. It's called Merbabe.

She currently has some little spinning batts up that I'm trying not to look at.

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