Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

'Tis the day after Christmas and everyone was knitting or crocheting! And why not? In knitterly terms, we have the most beautiful needles from Celtic Swan Forge (ordered ages and ages ago and saved up!), a little ball of delightful Bouton d'Or and a perfect box for precious dpns.

We also have the penultimate box of yarn from SpaceFrog, because we thought a box of yarn to share would just be marvelous. It is. Marvelous. There's something about a whole box of fresh new yarn! Look at that neon lovely in the middle there - that will go into the best ever pair of 80s inspired socks!

We were a little lazy in terms of decoration this year and went for Kevin, the singing Christmas Tree. Inspired by a Nathan Fillion tweet, I popped The Doctor on top of the tree... just in case we were attacked by Daleks or Cybermen or the Master this Christmas (yes, we're still waiting to see the Christmas episode...).

And I'm now charging through the second of the Pink Geek socks, while the other quietly blocks.

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Now... what should I be knitting to bring in 2010???


Anonymous said...

You're flying through those socks! Wow!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and that the Good Docter protected you from all shadowy and robotic evils.

(Nice knitting stash).

2010 - more socks and shawls. You know, use up some of what you have so you can make room for more yarn margaritas. :)

Rose Red said...

Merry Christmas to you! I think you should choose a project to see in the New Year that represents what you want to achieve, knitting wise, in 2010. Maybe it's lace? Maybe it's a stashbuster? Maybe a garment? Am sure you will choose something very lovely!