Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That's what the holidays are for...

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I was flicking through Linda Kopp's The Joy of Sox and had one of those moments. Turning to Kate Blackburn's Movie Socks, I thought of that Shelridge Farm 'Bubblegum' I'd bought at Socktopus in April and... I had to cast them on. This is my fun Christmas knitting. My 'I'm ignoring all my WIPs to do one really fun bit of knitting to celebrate the holiday' knitting. My 'I'm going to watch lots of geeky television and movies' knitting. So I've dubbed them 'Pink Geek'. Although I'm now having an urge to knit a yellow pair too. So maybe there'll be 'Yellow Geek' at some point.

The bobbles (popcorn) are just plain fun and it's an easy pattern, really. A bit fiddly, but simple to read and the effect is just so gosh darn pleasing. You could even knit them while watching this (geeking out to Doctor Who in other words).

Incidentally, speaking of Doctor Who, the power behind Henrietta: Life in the Dome sent me the best Christmas card ever. I'll share that next time!


artificiallymythic said...

Oh that *is* pretty! You're right.
Nice choice too. Must look at that pattern.

Rose Red said...

Yes, you simply must have a fun holiday knit! Excellent thinking!