Monday, December 28, 2009

Today's post brought to you by the Victorians

VCM is a whiz at crochet. She whipped up this gorgeous concoction of Perle cotton from a shawl pattern well over a century old. Don't you just love the frothy edges? I do!

The pattern comes from a Weldon's Needlecraft magazine, seen here below. I was impressed.

I think I'll name it the 'Mrs Westlock Shawl'. I've always liked John Westlock from Martin Chuzzlewit, his beefsteak pudding scene being one of my all-time favourites. And this shawl reminds me of something a character could wear in a Dickens novel. Actually, I bet the women who first crocheted it had also been amongst Dickens' first readers! I wonder...

There was a little stash enhancement yesterday at the sales. I found some Kid Seta (silk/mohair) in a perfect sunset shade. I'm thinking of something lovely and simple for it - like the Shoulder Shawl from Victorian Lace Today.

Maybe something Kaylee could wear to her next Shindig! "Don't you just love this party? Everything's so fancy, and there's some kind of hot cheese over there." I've actually got my parents watching Firefly now. They were impressed by Jayne's Hat. Well, who wouldn't be?

The hens today managed to trap a greedy pigeon in their grain bin. They looked smug about it as I struggled to get the dazed bird out.

And I'm just turning the heel of the second Pink Geek sock.

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Maria said...

The shawl is gorgeous. Just shows how somethings never date.