Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Yarn About London...

Oh, and there's a Cinema Club spoiler at the end of this email... after the really bad pun in the title!

I had one day in London. What to do with just one day in London? Well, aside from visiting all my favourite haunts and checking out a street sign for a colleague (academics do odd things like this), I ticked off the two yarn shops I really wanted to visit. First was I Knit. It's a small store, but packed with yarny goodness. I picked up a Zauberball in shades of green, the new knitting graphic novel, and a bookmark made of paper manufactured from sheep poo! It looks perfectly normal and on the bookmark is written all the details about the paper manufacture. A friend I saw later picked it up and was happily reading... and then she very gently held the bookmark out by the tip: "thank you very much for letting me touch the sheep poo!"

After a pit stop at Pret, I headed off to Socktopus, which is a little trickier to reach, but definitely worth the visit! Annie is so lovely and all that scrumptious sock yarn! She even completely understood the need to take a photo of my sock in progress there. And invited me to join the group knitting in the courtyard, which is how I found myself in London, knitting away happily with fellow knitters and talking about how to properly fit bras! A fantastic place.

I gathered together all my yarn... you can see the Zauberball. The rest is from Socktopus, including my new glass circulars in lime and violet, which are really lovely. I picked up the 'Pansy Golightly' Smooshy, which is just so so pretty. 'Bubblegum' and 'Sea Lettuce' from Sheldrige Farm. And Vancalcar Acres Jennifer's Flocksock Yarn in 'Something for Hufflepuff', because I'd pick Hufflepuff if I could. Hufflepuff is seriously underrated!

And when I did get back from all these adventures, I found my Pretty in Pink installment, the last of my cinema club haul. The yarn is a gorgeous, soft orange with a hint of pink, inspired by the gorgeously red haired Andy. I adore it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I've been on adventures!

I've been on adventures with socks! I just got back today - I sneakily emailed the last post from Hong Kong while waiting for the plane to refuel.

Above you can see the Knittery's Orchid being knitted into a Monkey sock at Belvoir Castle. The Castle itself was closed, but I did get to walk the gardens, which were lovely. I was staying in Grantham - in a 12th century inn complete with ghost called Jasper (we never met, though I lurked around the corridor he favours). In Grantham, they believed that only a taxi could take you to Belvoir Castle. However, I managed to ferret out a local bus. The local bus was filled with locals (remember, I'm jetlagged). One rather twinkly gent winked at me: "They're all shocked - there's a stranger on board!" You hopped out at a cross roads in a tiny village and walked about half an hour up a road through fields, the castle looming on the hill. After a good wander and a bit of knitting and tea - and time spent chatting to the peacocks who prowled the closed icecream parlour - I trotted back down to catch the last bus back to Grantham. As I reached the crossroads, I looked down the road into the village and realised... I had no idea whatsoever where to catch the bus. Thankfully, the twinkly gent was mowing his lawn and waved me over: "I thought I spotted you! You need the bus back, do you? Well, it hasn't come yet, but if you go over there, you'll be sure to catch it." Heaving a sigh of relief, I hopped back on and the driver grinned: "Back to Grantham, I presume?"

More adventures to come! I've just been catching up on work email... shudder...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just a quick hint

I took Mr Bingley to visit Darcy at Chatsworth House... although, Mr Bingley is being made into Netherfields, so it all gets a bit confusing.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stories and knitting

Comic as seen with cast on Monkey in Knittery's 'Orchid' -
I'm really going to miss the Knittery, at least till it's on Etsy

I was never a comic book fan as a child or teen. But as an adult? I'm beginning to change my ways. A student helpfully put me onto Bill Willingham's Fables comics and I'm now happily addicted... and have a bit of a crush on Bigby (Big Bad Wolf). This will not surprise those who know me.

Bigby has a bit of a thing running with Snow White and so when I opened up my Easter present from Mum (was never into Easter eggs, either - Mum always gave me clothes), I gasped: "This is absolutely what Snow White would wear!"

Even better, Snow White probably is my favourite fairy tale heroine - since she always had dark hair (I'm still stinging from an incident in Grade 2 where the teacher picked the cute blonde kid to play Snow White - it was just wrong).

I've had rather a lot of presents lately. I've just had a birthday! And celebrated by staying in bed reading a Meg Cabot novel while nibbling toast and drinking coffee. Bliss.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

In memory of Hedwig

There I was in 2007. My little white Hedwig clutched in my hand as I sat in bed with toast and tea and read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the very first time. And what happened? Curses to Borders for giving little white Hedwigs out with pre-ordered novels!

And please don't anyone complain about spoilers. It's 2009.

So when I saw the Owlings, I knew I had to knit them up in memory of Hedwig! I'm one down and I'm just about off to find some little tiny wooden buttons or beads for eyes, but I couldn't resist a preliminary photo shoot with the one mitten!

And for fellow geeks out there, this made my and many of my friends' days! It's Obama - apparently listless and depressed now that there's no more BSG.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

TARDIS socks cont...

Doctor Who: "Oh, these are wonderful!" Pause. "But really, really huge. Somewhere there's a pair of gargantuan, naked feet. Can you imagine the amount of yarn that's gone into making these? I wonder if they have giant sheep here, too..."

Assistant goes off, meanwhile, to make another cup of tea.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TARDIS socks

I've been padding about the TARDIS in my new socks (vanilla socks out of Indie Dyer's Bedazzled - the one has shown up in previous blog posts), trying not to spill tea on the controls and wake up the sleepy Doctor in his stripy pjs.

I'm not sure where to next. Into the past and or the future?