Saturday, July 25, 2009

There's no place like home?

It's odd, but when I think of 'home,' I might be thinking of any number of places. The lemon tree I made a cubby house beneath when I was little, the city I grew up in, Oxford, where I lived for a couple of years, certain streets in Vienna that became oh so familiar... and, of course, where I am now.

So, when I say I've just returned home from home...

While at my other home, I was doing a little stashing, of course, including my first ever Malabrigo from Tangled Yarns.

I fell particularly in love with that skein of apple green, so bright and crisp and soft. No idea what to do with it, but it makes me happy. VCM also shouted me some pretty new dotty needles from Threads and More.

There was a little antiquing involved and VCM also shouted me this plate, which caught my fancy because, basically... pigs and eggs? And random fruit. I've shot it with my one remaining egg. Mimi is molting. And last night I managed to smash five eggs in one shot due to a wonky crisper drawer. Bother.

And I shouted myself some Converse sneakers... or I stole them from a wicked witch. You choose!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hopping on one foot in the snowdrops

Yes, I was just in the very damp, freshly mowed front garden, hopping on one foot, camera in one hand, half-finished toe-up sock with circulars attached perched on toes, trying to take a picture of Bingley in the pretty snowdrops. Who knows what my neighbours thought was going on!

Snowdrops, along with daisies and daffodils and nasturiums, because I'm not that picky, are my favourite flowers. Since they've come out, I've been meaning to take a knitting photo featuring them. And I love my Bingley sock. You know that project that is taking for ever, is really tricky (at least for you!), but you actually love it every time you pick it up and work on it? That's Bingley. I adore Bingley! Bingley makes me happy on the worst of days.

And I have a new laptop bag care of VCM! The one I took to England is just a tad too small, so this a nice big laptop bag! I just love the corny fabric. I'm not a big fan of the very serious laptop bags you can buy. I just can't see the value in them and they seem to shout 'hello, there's a laptop in here.' Hopefully the Ladies of Liberty here will distract the ill-intentioned from such thoughts! Plus, it's just a cuter bag.

Friday, July 10, 2009

More than just yarn margaritas

Bad Snow White
Originally uploaded by gidgetknits
There is some knitting progress. I'm up to the waist shaping on my Bad Snow White (from Ysolda's pattern) and although there was a tricky moment over where to start counting stitchmarkers, I realised by counting ribs on the photo I was okay. The BWM balls are magic in that they never seem to end! Although you can see the new ball next to the current ball and there is a little size difference there! So far so good. Simple project, good bus knitting, and my first virtually seamless pattern.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What would Buffy do?

I did stop for a moment today and think, "what would Buffy do?" so isn't this the best timing ever? My Count Sockular from Knitabulous! And even better than I'd hoped. The colours are dark and broody and everything is squishy.

Okay, off to sharpen stakes...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What can I say? The yarn made me hungry for more...

But how can you resist yarn packaged up like this? The Black Forest is destined for a shawl (that I can wear while thinking 'let them eat cake'). The Espresso for a scarf (that will be worn when in serious need of caffeine, which, you know, they're now saying could stop Alzheimer's, which is a good thing). The Sugared Violets for cosy comfort socks. And yes, I know, this is my second order in... ah... an embarrassingly short period of time. But it was a rough couple of weeks! I needed yarn margaritas.

Thankfully, the red tape and paperwork is beginning to thin and Jasper is cooperating now. I think I'll leave it ambiguously at that.

And I've started teaching another new knitter! My last - male! - pupil is going incredibly well and is producing a stunning pair of Monkey socks now, not to mention scarves and Fetchings. I'm enjoying the teaching role. There is something magic about passing on knitting skills. Plus, I feel like I'm doing something genuinely useful.

Coco has meanwhile figured out how to open the internal door of the hens' coop so that she can get to breakfast faster. Because that 2 minute wait was just far too long, of course. I'm still not sure how she does it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A boring old cold

It's a dull, everyday cold. So aside from doing lots of very serious reading and attending meetings by phone, I'm wrapped in my Girlie Stig, drinking Lemsips, and working on my socks. The bright part of the day has been some postal deliveries. I ordered some pretty jewelry from Etsy, including this silver clouds pendant and a steampunk owl necklace (the face of the watchparts isn't really visible in this shot, but they look owlish!). Very pleased with both little purchases.