Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No, I'm the Doctor... and I have the pink sneakers to prove it!

I braved the wild winds to pick up my new sneakers. They don't sparkle, but I'm developing a distinct Converse fetish.

Which wouldn't be so bad if it was the only fetish.

Currently I'm working on a cocktail lounge filled with Ishbels, Damsons etc all knitted from my yarn margaritas. Here's my 'Let Them Eat Cake' shawl - a large Ishbel. Can I just say... Needle Food's Black Forest is so so so soft and everyone agrees that it does look like chocolate cake as it knits up.

On Monday, I had a narrow escape from the Big Bad Wolf. He huffed, he puffed, he brought down a couple of chimney bricks and chipped a tile in the process, but it could have been worse. I'm not eaten.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Spinning tales

Okay, now I have a spindle! And isn't she pretty? And I have more milk to spin up on her - aren't these the most glorious colours? Zebisis Designs.

I've also cast my Needle Food Black Forest Cake on as a large Ishbel. It truly is like knitting up chocolate cake! I have high hopes for the swirls in the plummy, jammy and chocolate cake goodness. I'm thoroughly enjoying my Ishbel kick, though I'm looking forward to trying out her sister, Damson, in some scarlet numma numma I have in mind.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It really wanted to be a shawl...

If you scroll back into the history of this blog, you'll see a certain hank of Socks That Rock Pixie Park has led an adventurous life. It started out destined to be a Maelstrom, but it pooled really really weirdly. I eventually frogged it. Then I thought I'd hit gold. Outside In socks! I started once, lost my place weirdly (it's not that difficult a pattern, so I'm not sure how I managed that), started again... at our kniterature group, I realised I'd gotten the seam in completely the wrong place. I looked around the group, appalled. Artificially Mythic patted me on the shoulder. "It doesn't want to be a sock." She was joined by a chorus of, "it doesn't want to be walked on! It's too pretty! It wants to be a shawl!" "Ishbel," murmured Artificially Mythic. A week later, my first Ishbel, known as The Princess and the Pea Shawl in honour of intended socks, was blocking and now here it is.

Yes, it really, really wanted to be a shawl!

And it's glorious. The colours sing. The pattern was so easy (although someone make me cast off a little looser!) and is so pretty. I just want to keep making Ishbels. I've got the bug.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

All you need is fluff.. da da da da da da

I had a little fun at Butterfly Girl Designs. She's brilliant. From the left, chocolate on my blue silk dress, then starlight starbright (the idea of spinning starlight just appeals to me in so many many ways!) and... margarita! I had to have the margarita!

Yes, I don't even have my spindle yet, let alone a spinning wheel. But the sparkly batts wanted to come to me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Right Picture Book

Seriously, knitters will love Emily Gravett's The Rabbit Problem. It's a touch naughty (but just for adults in the know!), it's gorgeous, and it features knitting! I'm a fan of all her books. Just try Little Mouse's Book of Fears. Her work is so tactile and knitters like tactile!

My sparkly red converse sneakers had an outing yesterday - they gave their first lecture. And boy was it fun to bounce around the front of the lecture theatre in sparkly red converse sneakers, feeling like a cross between Dorothy and the Doctor. Although, the funniest thing was hopping on the bus. The bus driver was staring at my feet and automatically gave me a concession fare! So, of course, today I ordered fushia high tops. I have plans to stencil a little personalisation upon them.

I'll have an FO to show in just a short period of time! Artificially Mythic was so right. My Pixie Park really wanted to be a shawl... I mean... really wanted to be a shawl. Well, an Ishbel scarf to be precise!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


As I mentioned, I won Life In the Dome's blog contest (click here to see the hens make the important decision). So as soon as the parcel arrived, I had to show my hens. It was quite a windy day, though, so I think the general consensus on the gorgeous vintage table cloth was: "what is that flappy thing you keep waving at us?"

And here it is in its full glory along with the oh so sweet tea cups! Plus some extras...

It's been a frantic couple of weeks. My mind has not been able to grapple with anything more difficult than vanilla socks. So I wound up a hank of The Yarn Cafe's Passionfruit 'Drift' sock yarn and am absolutely loving it as a vanilla sock! I was knitting along to Artificially Mythic's lecture, which was utterly fabulous... but not more fabulous than her Avalonne, which is the most wonderful thing I've seen in ages. Can't wait for her to post pictures of it! And it has a very Tolkien vibe.

I also got my first roving from Knit It Up - including milk roving, which is so beautiful to the touch. Even nicer than silk! And the colours! I have a spindle coming soon. I plan to spin!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When I grow up, I want to be Vena

I've been figuring out how to get Terry Pratchett's amazing Vena the Raven-Haired into a lecture. Just so I can prop my knitting up on the lectern. Perhaps the sleeve of Bad Snow White?

I'm on a purple kick. Today I bought a purple yarn margarita. Of course, the seller in question sold me with "Suitable for princesses - and queens alike." What was I to do?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Very Scary Night

It was perhaps even a little scarier than planned. It was a cold night. The plan was to curl up with some chilli and blue corn chips and watch Doctor Who - "Silence in the Library" to be exact (incidentally, it has the best commentary ever). However, the chilli was itself a little scarier than imagined. Now, you'd think I'd gather this from something called "Hairy Scary Chilli Sauce," wouldn't you? But no. Me? Scared of chilli? I'm a girl who was fed pepperoni by her grandfather as an infant. I'm a girl who shared the adult pizza at slumber parties because, seriously, pineapple and ham? But oh... am I scared now...

In the end, though, a good week! I got to meet Artificially Mythic, who was working on her RTA (which is gorgeous!) during my lecture, which is the best thing ever! And then... everyone should see this... you clicked it, right? So now you agree! And I even won!!! I never win!

Although, this could explain why Mimi asked me to send 20 bucks up to Marjorie... thank you Life In the Dome!