Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't look! It's Valerie's Miracle Scarf!

At least, don't look if you're still catching up on ingredients! I finished a few nights ago and you'll see the finished product at the bottom of this post, prettily hung among the red roses! I had to wrangle thorns for that shot, you know!

But I really enjoyed the project. The ingredients were always fun to receive and a square took about one episode of Bones or NCIS. Perfect.

This morning, having glanced at the pile of drafts and papers I have to get through today, I hopped off to make cinnamon French toast with maple syrup and, very aptly, then squeezed in a row of my Orange Juice Coraline. I've just finished the hem, which seemed to take forever. And am now perfectly on schedule, so I've snuck in this lunch time blog post!

Oh, and did you see that The Yarn Cafe has a new blend? Organic cotton and tencel. I needed a little for summer knitting? Also, I'm apparently obsessed with green... Greens and Pistachio in this case. Greens has already all gone!

And now... Valerie's Miracle Scarf! Okay, well, the shot's so small, it probably isn't really spoiling anything anyway!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No pictures!

There will be soon, though! We had the last Kniterature meet up with Artificially Mythic on Friday. We met at a cafe, all with our Needle Food projects. It's sad to wave Artificially Mythic off for the next few months - she's been fun to have about!

And isn't this a great way to show off sock yarn?

I'm just catching up on Valerie's Miracle Scarf. The eel shark net is done now! And I've cast on another shawl... I know, it's seriously a sickness. I joked the other day that you can tell when I'm stressed. I tend to be very productive in the knitting stakes. I am, however, looking forward to another night with Bones and Castle and various knitting projects. It sets me up nicely to face Monday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who doesn't love samples?

I've been reading lots of words by other people, so I feel the need for a quick break to use my own words. And I do have something fantastic to blog! Look at the Ewe Beaut Sample Box! If you join the Ravelry group, they give you information about when the boxes (well, actually they're padded envelopes!) go up on Etsy. I missed the 10am drop, since I was running to a 10am lecture and had managed to forget to log on first... by the time I got to "commit to buy," my box had gone! Fortunately, there was a 9pm drop. So, while watching NCIS, I refreshed, I refreshed, I refreshed and... got a box!

And it's fantastic value. Lots and lots of great samples from Australian and New Zealand fibre and yarn indies... and good sized samples at that! 20-25g generally speaking. And Needle Food, bless her, sent her sample with chocolate... which didn't quite survive for the photo shoot... Such gorgeous samples too! I've already bookmarked a few new sites!

So would definitely recommend seeking the samples... although, truth to tell, should I be telling everyone? More competition? Maybe I'll just delete this post...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Give me my quill!

Pretty Boy
Originally uploaded by gidgetknits
Writing... writing... writing...

But much more fun to write draped in my newly finished and blocked Pretty Boy Shawl (named for a certain Doctor Who episode). It's the Travelling Woman shawl and is in Fleece Artist's 'Twilight'. Very pleased with the end result. The edging has a spiderweb-ish look about it that works well with the blacks and dark blues and purples to give it a bit of a Gothic tone. The pattern is nice and easy to follow and to read, too.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brought to you by the colour orange

I had to wait a while for the postal service to carry a little package from Australia to the US before I could share this with you. Isn't she the most adorable pumpkin??

When I first saw the Pumpkin Hat, I knew I had to knit it for my good friends' little girl! And it's the first hat I ever made. Too easy. It's a great pattern. Very pumpkin-ish. And she looks a perfect Cinderella with those long, blonde curls.

And so, after having stocked up on more orange, I've now cast on my Orange Juice Coraline.

I coerced a crocheting friend into making a chain for me the other day so I could begin the provisional cast on. Yes, I know the crochet chain is the easiest thing in the world to do and the odd thing is... I can even crochet a little. I've crocheted chains before (well, of course, since that's how you start learning crochet!). And I've crocheted tiny owlets, which I can't recommend enough. But for the last month, I've been unable to get my fingers to behave. I get a knotty, rope-y mess for my effort.

Now I just have to refrain from casting on anything else even remotely orange, because, seriously, it's beginning to look like I have a problem!

Anyway, time to start grating. I made potato, zucchini and mushroom cakes last night with generous amounts of garlic and spring onions and they were so scrumptious, I'm doing it all over again tonight.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bloomin' colour!

I wish...

I wish...

I wish yarn would grow on trees!!!

In the meantime, I propped some little margaritas up in the boughs of my blossoming apple tree.

First, three from Spacefrog. I've only just discovered Spacefrog. Look at that colour! Spacefrog knows me. I could gobble it all up. I might. Once I stop hiding my credit card from myself (it sound ineffective, but if you saw my desk, you'd understand).

Then two beauties from Knit It Up, one of my long term favourites who recently had a little sale. There is silk in that there green 'Mermaid.' And I had to have 'Ophelia' so I have something to knit when my Hamlet DVD arrives in January (pre-ordered from the RSC - you get extra postcards).

And doesn't this little bag of merino/tencel just deserve to be photographed against a bright blue sky? Because, of course, it's called 'Cumulus'. I can spin cloud and sky! Just like Frigg.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A writing day

Is there anything better than a writing day when you can sit at your keyboard, tapping away, while still in your pajamas?

I didn't think so.

Lola and Fifi are looking out from their bunker. I think there's a food war going on. I'm training them to use a new feeder. They aren't happy about it.

I have a plan! I have big balls of orange (BWM Luxury) that I plan to turn into a Coraline. That's a lot of brightness, right? But can you imagine wearing it casually with jeans? I can. I love the orange, too. It's so gosh darn-it-all happy. I can't wait for long rows of stocking stitch. My brain is fried. Although Valerie's Miracle Scarf is almost caught up. Maybe tonight during Torchwood I'll be up to date.

And I managed to snaffle a Phat Fiber Box! The theme was fairy tales, folklore, myth, so, seriously, one had to be mine! I don't have favourites, really, but these are the little samples currently on my desk, that I've been patting. "The Princess Bride" from eXtreme Spinning (yes, if any were my favourite...). Clover from Serendipitous Ewe. Unicorn Planet from Knitty and Color. Midnight Elf along with marker from Serendipity Fiber Arts. Fairy Godmother from Blue Mountain Handcrafts. I never used to be into the novelty end of handspun, but the more I look at Fairy Godmother, the more I want to knit a throw for my bed from it.

Okay, back to the real writing!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feeling a little Pompadour

It's become a little chilly again... perfect excuse to snuggle back into my Arwen Cardigan and write today!

Yesterday - shock horror! - I rediscovered some shoes I'd completely forgotten about! I was digging about in the boxes for my patent red shoes and found these! How could I have forgotten? They're adorable! I love these shoes! But, being suede, I keep waiting for perfect, clear evenings to wear them. And now I feel a bit like RoseRed...

I've paired these adorable shoes with my new Pompadour yarn from Juno. Dash it, now that I've gone back to look at the link, I want more of her stuff...

Speaking of Pompadour (think "Girl in the Fireplace" - run with me), had a fantastic Doctor Who/Casanova knitting marathon, including the indubitable Artificially Mythic. Artificially Mythic got me started on my drop spindle and I have now made about 10cm of very bad yarn! Still delighted with it!

Oh, and below, spoiler of sorts! I'm doing Valerie's Miracle Scarf and am way behind already, but the sun came out, the apple tree is coming into blossom, so it seemed a good time to take my scarf out and about to find the Three Leaf Clovers!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Little Hat Making

It's not quite the kind of hat Sophie would make in Howl's Moving Castle, which I was re-reading lately, but Ysolda's Ripley is a very cute hat. I made it out of some left over Cashmerino from Snow White's Mittens (aka Bella's Mittens) after my BKFF whipped one up the other day and told me it couldn't be missed. Being on leave, I sat down to finally finish watching The West Wing (hurray Santos!) and knitted it up! It's a brilliant pattern (you'll note that the finishing isn't quite perfect there at the back of the lace... but I'm not fussy!). I've named it 'New Cheese' after Basile's fairy tale, "The Three Citrons." The Prince makes me laugh!