Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ah... Comfortable Socks!

Okay, it took me a long time to finish these Mystery Socks. The first sock was finished pretty much to the mystery sock timeline back in October 2008 (ouch). Then I started the second one. I messed up. And for some reason, I just didn't feel the stitch pattern. But I found the sock the other week and I thought, no, this is silly. I'm going to finish these socks. I still gritted my teeth as I knitted away, but the instant they were both on my feet...


I love these socks! They are so comfy! The stitch is cosy. The yarn, The Yo Yo String and Fluff, is very pretty and incredibly squishy. Awesomely squishy, really, and I wish I could find the label. It was something like 'Berry Pickin''. I'll go with that. So, on the berry theme, I've dubbed them "Berry Crumble at Luke's Diner."

Yes, I have a soft spot for The Gilmore Girls. It's pure fairy tale stuff. A gorgeous little town filled with eccentric, loving characters, two women who eat everything (without putting on weight), great clothes, and a place to go where the coffee is always good. And fast-paced, witty dialogue.

So, in honour of that diner, "Berry Crumble at Luke's Diner." Just needs a little ice cream, right? Well, the chickens ate all that!

That's Lola indulging. I know it's not strictly good for them, but once in a while, when the temperature nips over 37C, I give them a few scoops of ice cream to cool down. They love it.

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