Monday, January 4, 2010

A few vintage patterns

I love old knitting pattern books. I found some new stash yesterday. Including the one above, which contains the instructions for plenty of knitted knickers, dressing gowns and bed jackets. Yes, knitted knickers. I can't get enough patterns for these. One day I may even knit them just for fun. But I won't be modeling them. Trust me.

I practically did the Dance of Joy when I also located these Needlecraft magazines. Doily heaven! I mean, who doesn't need a doily for their ripe tomatoes?

The illustrations from the oldest copy are so fine and detailed - the d'oyleys themselves so intricate. And then, there is the added delight of the ads. Ads for corsets.

And ads in which two immaculately dressed ladies crochet at the beach. I seriously suspect the lady on the right crocheted a doily on which to rest her Ardern's crochet cotton so it wouldn't get sandy.


Maria said...

Love these vintage pattern books too. I have a series of Lux Knitting Books which also have plenty of underwear patterns in them

Rose Red said...

I love vintage patterns too - especially the ads! Lot of laughs there!

I do love that dressing gown - but my, what a lot of knitting!