Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just one of those mornings

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Could whoever took my green waste bin please return it? I know I forgot to put it out last night, so did the 6am dash in my Little Red Riding Hood pajamas this morning to roll it out as the truck came down the road, but is that any reason to snaffle it and hide it away from me?

Oh well, I have a big cup of coffee. That makes it all better.

And I have freshly blocked new socks! These are my 'Rollin' with Fang' socks and the photo shoot is a homage to "The Joy of Sox" shoot for the 'Roll in the Hay' socks. They're knitted up in Wired for Fibre's Jade. I'd probably go down a needle size for another pair - they're a titch loose, but very comfy. Still surprised by how easily they knitted. The pattern looked *hard*.

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