Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keep Calm...

... and carry yarn. I love this poster from jenniegee on Etsy.

Although, I'm trying not to think about it when I'm looking at this yarn.

And I think I've finally cracked the Man in Black yarn from Knit It Up's Cinema Sock Club for The Princess Bride. You might remember that I wandered about the UK with it last April. I even took it to Haddon Hall, where some of the film was set, and blogged about it here. Although, you can never see enough of Haddon Hall in my books.

In fact, I'm still in love with Haddon Hall. If I won the lottery, I'd try to buy Haddon Hall.

I can just imagine sitting about in the Long Gallery writing fairy tales, reading (possibly The Princess Bride - if you haven't read it, I'd completely recommend it), knitting or taking lady-like turns about the room for exercise. It's the prettiest gallery in the world.

At the time, I was knitting the Man in Black up into Monkey socks. I very much like Monkey socks. But I had a crisis. It didn't seem right to walk around in socks knitted up from the Man in Black. So I unraveled the half Monkey and popped him safely into a little bag while I tried to figure out what he'd become.

I did think of a Travelling Woman. I know. I already have two. And there's the whole cross-dressing aspect. But it did cross my mind.

I was going to try to come up with my own shawl/doily mash-up, but I've never been good with math.

Then I saw the Bougainvillia Scarf-Shawl. There are some similar patterns about, which I do plan to knit too, but what I liked about this particular one are:

a. there's a ruffle effect using short rows
b. there's a single leaf on the end.

Just some nice little touches. And so far, I think the Man in Black approves of the choice. Fingers crossed. (Not the best photo... but I think the leaves will pop a little better after blocking, particularly since the yarn was a bit kinky going into the project... he just couldn't help himself.)

This was just tonight's effort. I'm charging along with various projects. Why? Because I have two very big shawls planned and I'm trying to get my WIPs under control before I start. I haven't even confessed all the WIPs (and the Ornette KAL I'm doing with a friend - my word, the cables on that sock!).

One project is the Spider Web Shawl with the Wollmeise. My great friend in Switzerland is knitting hers up into a Seascape shawl and it's already looking fantastic from the photos she's shown me - I am so behind...I'm still playing with the rather large, beautiful ball that my parents wound the Wollmeise into (I did take a photo of the winding session, but my mother would possibly kill me if I shared it).

The other big project will be the Evenstar Mystery Shawl. Well, I couldn't not do that, could I? That would be insane. It's Lord of the Rings related. I was dreaming about this shawl from the moment I heard about it. I was waking up: "I need to get yarn for it!" It was crazy. So I signed up.

That's two big shawls. I am totally going to be that little old lady wreathed in shawls with a hair bun perched on top of her head. Won't it be amazing?

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