Friday, January 22, 2010

More sock yarn... it's a good thing

Let's be honest here. The Tenth Doctor has been feeling a little... unraveled. So we went and consulted some sock books. After all, socks make sense when you need to run a lot.

"The Tenth Doctor" colourway from Black Trillium was a bit of a pre-"The End of Time" splurge. I still haven't decided on a pattern. It'll have to be something brilliant.

I'm not sure how to account for the following from Knitabulous, other than to plead that I've started knitting a lot of socks with cables and intricate lace and I don't have a lot of semi-solid or solid sock yarn. It was an oversight. It needed correction. And I love that the yellow is named for "Big Bird"!

"Big Bird" was part of my search for the perfect yellow for another pair of Movie Socks. I really love my pink pair and I can't get the idea of a yellow, buttery, popcorn-y pair out of my mind. Which is where HuggyBearKnits came in, too. Oh... and Knit It Up was having a fantastic sale and "Spruce" with silver speckled through it? Beautiful.

I've been so bad...


Rose Red said...

No, you've been good! A good consumer of yarns, supporting the yarn industry! Good!

Maria said...

Your yarn looks so scrummy. You reminded me to check out Knitabulous as I am after a colour I personally would never look for
Good on you for supporting Australian!