Friday, January 1, 2010

Twenty ten? Two thousand and ten?

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Whatever it is, it's starting with new socks! I moved onto 'A Roll in the Hay' from The Joy Of Socks (this book is getting a work out) in Wired for Fibre's 'Jade'. These looked difficult. They actually aren't.

Tomorrow we're off to the Farmer's Market, which I can't wait for. There's a stall that should be there with the most glorious blueberries - fat, ripe and purple. And there will hopefully be mounds of peaches brimming with flavour.

There are new rose bushes in the garden bed and a couple of grevilleas for the birds. Coco the hen was helping with the weeding. She popped out to the front garden and began to enthusiastically dig up the side garden bed, which was filled with grass. We won't mention that most of the dirt was flung far and wide too. She was helping. That's all that counts.

And the next phase of my research is about to begin. I've been thinking about it for a year, so it's kind of strange to realise I have to start now. It involves fairy tales. It involves shoes, dresses, coats etc. It really isn't a hardship. And I can do most of it wearing my pjs and drinking mugs of coffee.

And then there's the big secret that I still can't reveal...

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