Sunday, February 28, 2010

Apple Cores

This morning I walked outside and found a 'friend' in the apple tree. One of those 'friends' covered in bright green, blue and red feathers. He'd just enjoyed a generous breakfast. And I now have a tree positively loaded with apple cores.

There was a net over the tree, honest. But it was windy last night. The net blew down. My 'friends' blew in. Possibly to visit the possum that I'm pretty sure also enjoyed a midnight feast.

Oh well, there's still a few whole apples on the lower branches that I might be able to munch, thus allowing me to have enjoyed some of the crop.

So, I went back inside and was watching the ice skating and knitting on the Evenstar Shawl. I re-started after a breakdown of equipment (I know wood needles and silk are supposed to go together, but I had so much grip, it was getting silly). I knitted along happily to where I last stopped and ripped and... I was missing a stitch.

I decided some soothing stockinette was in order. Isn't the Orange Juice Coraline (in progress, of course) gorgeous in this photo?

It always makes me smile to work on her! Of course... then I realised I was ready to start the sleeves and do you think I own 3.5mm dpns? I have 3.25s. I have 3.75s. I have bags of 4s. Sigh...

Thank goodness it's Bones and Castle tonight. Something has to go right!

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