Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Character Yarns

Sometimes, it's just fun to realise your favourite characters in yarn.

I put in a custom order at Woolen Mill St Yarns. Check out her colours on the linked website - colours for Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica... it makes a heart feel glad. I asked if she could do Doctor Rush from Stargate Universe. They've just left us on a cliff hanger till April, so I needed a little something to see me through.

This is my new Dr Rush yarn! Very pleased - the colours really work, the yarn is gorgeously light and squishy.

Oh, and I've also got a Doctor's hand! Could I grow a Doctor now? Become half Time Lord? When I saw this, I couldn't resist being goofy. It just makes me chuckle. I've been wanting to try illusion knitting for a while, because despite the photos and understanding the concept, I just couldn't get my mind around how it would actually work. I might need to try the Dalek next so the Doctor has someone to battle.

It's being knit up with the BWM yarn that I picked up in Bendigo on sale. Oh, and the darker brown? That's 'ginger'. Those who know Doctor Who will understand.

I'm still working on my Evenstar Shawl cast on. I actually didn't find the cast on itself difficult - just the first row. Which refuses not to have big loops in it. But I'm only on my third try, so I figure I'm on track! It might be difficult to try again tonight. Men's singles skating. The coverage on commercial television isn't brilliant, but at least I'm getting to watch some of the Winter Olympics. I like the Winter Olympics. Snow and people throwing themselves off mountains, down mountains, around ice... what's not to love?

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artificiallymythic said...

I love your Dr and your Dr Rush. Fantastic!

Are you trying the Emily Ocker cast-on? Because those loops will tighten once you've got a little way in on the increase rows. *hang in there*