Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's raining, so I should be finger painting

When I attended grade one, our teacher had us finger paint on rainy days. A consequence of this is that I find it extremely difficult to settle down to proper work on rainy days. It's for finger painting!

Guess what? It's raining today.

But in slightly more serious news... aren't these great? They're light mesh bags that you can use in the green grocer or supermarket instead of those awful plastic bags no one can ever get open anyway. You can see through them to read labels or determine the variety of apple. They don't weigh anything hardly. And look at that colour! I can't wait to see the reaction at the check out.

I picked them up from an Australian Etsy seller, seventh sphere. I have my totes etc that I take along to carry all my shopping in, but I usually infuriate the shop assistant by having all my fruit etc loose, because I can't bring myself to use those horrible plastic bags. So they're usually chasing the onion that's rolled away under the till...

Problem solved. A little late night Etsy window shopping later, and I have something practical. And yes, that is a tinsy tiny skull on the purple bag.

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Jacqui said...

AND they come in good colours!