Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little devilish today

Guess what just arrived in the post from VCM? My own little devil, Lu! We got the pattern from K4TT and it's brilliant. VCM had a ball crocheting him and he's perched now on my printer, threatening me with his pitchfork (VCM's last minute addition - I was on the phone with her when she finished Lu and when she suddenly exclaimed 'he needs a pitchfork - should it be red or black or something else?').

Why threaten me at all? Because I'm supposed to be working on a bit about spinning wheels, hearths and Mother Goose, but I'm instead typing in notes on Prince Charming.

Which means I should stop writing this blogpost and get back to work! Oh... did win her blog competition and so K4TT sent me out the pattern for Layla. VCM is already on the hunt for the perfect yarn!


K4TT said...

OH HE IS ADORABLE!!!!!! I just love the pitchfork!! I had toyed around with adding one - but just never got around to it.
What a beautiful job.. and although I am sure he is content on your printer... he sure looks happy in that tree :)

I am glad you both enjoyed the pattern - Can't wait to see Layla.

Anonymous said...

He is so hansom and so red, looks great in the tree.