Saturday, March 27, 2010

Captain Tightpants

Not that I haven't always wanted to use that as a post title or anything...

But I thought I'd show you the unofficial first installment of the Firefly Sock Club. It's actually just for a small group of friends - we all love sock yarn and we all love Firefly, so I suggested that I'd do up a short, very unofficial sock club for us.

Our first installment is Mal-inspired.

Christina of Woolen Mill St Yarn has been helping with the yarn, which is fantastic and squishy (and my custom-dyed Dr Rush is currently knitting up into a great pair of Toast). I picked up the great stitchmarkers from Knitoramaa. And VCM made up some cute 'you can't take the sky from me' project bags with a dash of Kaylee-inspiration added.

Okay, I think my Black Turtle Beans have almost cooked through. I'm off to see what I can make with them!


artificiallymythic said...

And a gorram fantastic club it is!

silk4calde said...

That's fantastic!! I do adore Firefly.

drkknits said...

great idea for a KAL. such beautiful yarn! and i just saw your previous post with the doctor tshirt and laughed out loud :)