Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Bonnets and Red Hot Chocolate

I think I'm set for Easter. I have pictures of Easter bonnets and just the right yarn! First, aren't these amazing bonnets?

They're from an 1869 edition of La Mode I picked up. Again, I just smile as I turn the pages.

This morning I also got my latest installment of the Needle Food Sock Club. No, don't worry. This is not the sock yarn! I wouldn't spoil it that soon (though, wow, it's gorgeous!). It's some Red Hot Chocolate I obtained when I upsized my sock club parcel. It's glorious.

Speaking of food... who loves noodles? My hens love noodles!


Maria said...

I love that era of clothing, secretly would love to own a full oufit - but definitely don't have the waist to go with it
That yarn looks so scrummy - is it as soft as it looks to touch?

Grand Purl Baa said...

Hey Ms Gidget! It is great to BE back.

Now are those chooks head butting! Or are they just in lerve.