Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've Missed Lasagna

There are a few things I really miss since going gluten and dairy free. One of those things... lasagna. You can get gluten free lasagna sheets, but what do you do about the cheese? There are vegan cheese substitutes, but some aren't great and they're hard to track down. That's where Delectably Free came in.

Can you imagine? Who thought some pine nuts, water and lemon juice whipped up in a food processor would be so much like fresh ricotta cheese?

I varied the recipe a little - and of course, I didn't measure anything, because I never do. Instead of zucchini and parsley, I popped in spinach and basil fresh from the garden, along with some hens' lettuce (the hens aren't talking to me for that act of poaching). There's a lot more mushroom. There's also more than enough left overs to do me for a few lunches.

And it was good. Light and yummy. I'm definitely trying out her Mac and Cheese.

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