Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little French Vintage

I've been turning these pages with wonder. It's like magic - a window into a previous era of French fashion.

The pages are yellow and frail, but, oh, I just smile as I look at the illustrations!

My French is not strong, but if I arm myself with a dictionary, I should be able to make out most of the articles!

In the meantime, I've put down all lace knitting for a spell. I read this post a little while ago and it stayed in the back of my mind. I've got fantastic lace and cables on my needles and I am a girl who likes to have multiple projects on the go so that I can pick and choose what I feel like knitting, but yesterday I realised... my brain is tired. I spent several days struggling with exhaustion that I couldn't understand. Then I thought - I'm writing a lot. So I'm engaging in a nice 'holiday' with plain knitting in pretty colours. Now when I pick up the needles, I relax. My brain needs that. It's okay. I will return to the lace later.

Because I am loving the Evenstar Shawl! It's just that there's just one stitch left to make a ssk, so I'm pretty sure I did something wrong in the last row...


Rose Red said...

I love looking through vintage magazines - although I've never had the pleasure of a french one! They look just beautiful!

Andrea said...

I actually influenced someone for the better?!? I'm stunned beyond belief! Thought free knitting FTW :)

Just work your way through the Evenstar row, tink back each stitch (I know, it sucks) and you'll find it. In the shawl I'm working on I had to rip back six rows to find a YO I hadn't done and spent the rest of the evening telling myself off.