Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peaking over the MacBook screen

I've been glued to the screen of late, tapping away diligently. If I chance to look up, though, I can see the sleeve of my Coraline cardigan begin to emerge. Isn't that the prettiest little cuff? I love it. It is oddly satisfying.

Unfortunately, sometimes I don't look up from the screen. As I result, I not only find myself with growing chapters, but also with far too many patterns for colourwork mittens. I mean, seriously, how many mittens do I need when I live in a place that doesn't even get snow? Today it was the Tea and Cake Mittens (Ravelry link - have you seen the new log-in page? Cute!). I'm thinking a nice TARDIS blue for the background, because they're just the thing for a regenerating 10th Doctor. I'm not sure about the 11th yet. I have heard rumours about what he needs, but a few friends will shoot me for giving away spoilers if I write them here.

Ah well. My Mac&Cheese has almost reheated and I'm at a really good bit in the writing...

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