Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sales Don't Count

Layla would have you know she's a little jetlagged from flying overnight. This explains the current state of her antennas. She's a little miffed that I've photographed her before sorting them out properly, but... she's so cute! I couldn't wait. This is, of course, another of VCM's creations from a Fiber Doodles pattern (here).

And Layla likes shoes... what can I say? The reason there are so many gratuitous shots of new shoes? I just happened to be at some sales at DFO over Easter and the shoes were reduced not once, but twice! Which made them all too affordable.

It's okay. I tend to buy shoes in bursts anyway. That's what I tell myself. I won't possibly buy another pair for another couple of years (cough). The ones above - don't they look French? - and the red shoes from the previous post are both Joanne Mercer.

And if you buy them super cheap on sale... doesn't count, right? Which is why this little skein of laceweight from Knit It Up also doesn't count. It's such a soft, pretty colour, so I was taking it out to photograph in natural light and the hens really seemed to like it.

No, I am not knitting them shawls with it.


Rose Red said...

Oh yeah, it definitely doesn't count if things are on super sale! You simply must buy them if you love them and they are on super sale! It would be criminal not to!

Geek Knitter said...

Sale shoes... lace yarn... cheesecake eaten after between midnight and 3 am... none of those count.

drkknits said...

agreed totally, sales of any kind Do Not Count. they are just gorgeous shoes, and that lace weight looks totally amazing. no shawls for chooks? why on earth not?