Sunday, April 18, 2010


I finished "As You Wish!" It's the Bougainvillea scarf-shawl by Yoelknits, in Knit It Up's "Man in Black" colourway. It was originally destined to be Monkey Socks, as you may remember. I love it as a scarf! Especially as, in the shot above, my hair looks almost the colour of Buttercup's (if you haven't spotted The Princess Bride references by now, I'm ashamed of you), "the colour of autumn" (book, not film... she was blonde, I know, in the film). In fact, I can almost kid myself that the little bit of red in my hair is back. All my very best heroines have flaming hair, from Eleanor of Aquitaine, signing herself, "Eleanor, by the wrath of God, Queen of the English" or words to that effect, to Anne Shirley and, of course, Emma Peel. It's no wonder I'm really enjoying watching the new Doctor Who companion, Amy Pond! I always wanted to have red hair as a child.

There's a few leaf edged shawl/scarf patterns about, but what really won me over to this particular pattern was the little leaf at the end. It's perfect.

While enjoying the leaf perfection yesterday, I also tried not one, but two new recipes! This is lunch, The Spring English Pea, Potato and Rice Soup. The photography at Cannelle et Vanille, from which the recipe is sourced, is amazing.

I had to cheat and use frozen peas, but yum. A hearty, simple soup that tastes delicious. Particularly with the addition of one of Coco's eggs.

Then for dinner, I whipped up a fried quinoa, sourced from Delectably Free. Wow. I did not expect quinoa and chick peas to go together that well. I was out of mushrooms, so I turned carnivore and used pork, but... wow. Thank goodness for left overs, as I plan to enjoy it again tonight.

I finished the day by curling up in front of Serenity and attaching the arms to my Orange Juice Coraline. At which point I realised that I've knitted the sleeves two sizes smaller than the body... oops? Happily, I have tried on the sleeves and they fit. I'm doing a little fudging, which in due course I will refer to as 'customising.' In the end, I don't think it'll be a bad thing.

Then a little more writing and I snuck in a chapter of the latest Dresden Files release (among my favourite ever reading... and James Marster's recordings of the audio books is pure heaven - perfect casting).

Oddly enough, there was a kicky Princess Bride reference in the Dresden Files. Perfect symmetry to conclude the day's proceedings.

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drkknits said...

looks like a very bright and cheery saturday all round. gorgeous colours, hair and scarf! my favuorite line is from inigo 'you killed my father, prepare to die' (and the book is heaps better than the movie, tho i love them both).