Monday, May 31, 2010

Should I Bake Brownies?

Shhh... I'm not here. I'm writing a presentation I have to give tomorrow. I'm also thinking about whether or not baking brownies right now would be good to do...

I sense a late night coming up.

But, I am feeling kind of space age on the home front. After the Death By Coffee of my beloved MacBook, I'm re-Mac'd. I'm even wireless now. And I have an iPad! I know. I've been reading all those grumbly columns and comments online about how no one really needs an iPad.

Yes they do. At least... I do.

It's small, light, and carries all my music, lets me go online, I can read books and research papers, do some document editing, and learn to play drums from Animal (the Muppet). Yes, I discovered apps. Apps are fun. Although I really stink at playing drums. That's slightly embarrassing.

So the iPad does everything I need to do on the run that I used to lug the MacBook about for. Now, the MacBook wasn't extraordinarily heavy... but it was kind of heavy. And then the power adapter on its own was massive. The iPad has a dinky little adapter. And you feel kind of sci-fi tapping away at your screen.

And on display in the above photo - along with my new TARDIS usb hub (I was on a roll) - my new Toast! Or, as I like to call them, "Dr Rush is Toast". Knitted up in a custom colorway of Dr Rush that I mentioned in this blog earlier. They're great. Easy to wear, roll up, roll down... something so amazing simple that gives such pleasure! And warmth. It's been getting chilly.

Now... to brownie or not to brownie...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Night

Cupcakes! I adapted, being gluten and dairy free and all, a recipe I found via Angry Chicken. It's my current favourite recipe. Light, fluffy cupcakes every time with little specks of vanilla through them. All I do is use gluten free SR flour instead of the usual flour and soy milk instead of... well, cow milk. I was busy working on revisions and, having been watching 'Amy's Choice' (Doctor Who - that is my dream house) repeatedly, had a sudden urge to get up from the computer to make cupcakes and fresh pots of tea. I could have decorated the cupcakes, it's true, but it was cold, I was trailing my 'Girly Stig' (my shawl that I was wrapped up in), and the cupcakes were warm and steaming... so I started eating them while typing.

I've also finished one half of my Doctor Hoots mittens (Owlie Mittens) in Needle Food's 'Kitchen's on Fire!' and Spud & Chloe in cream. Isn't that the cutest owl? Still a bit damp from blocking in the photo below and, to be honest, big for my hand... but look at that owl! I'm casting on the second mitten tonight while watching 'Vampires of Venice,' which my hens assure me should be entitled 'Hens of Venice.' If you watch, you will see why.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Pirate sheep have taken over my Edie sweater WIP! They came straight from Scary Merry, in a pretty chest filled with glittery treasure (i.e. a shiny box with glitter in it).

I'm just having a quick lunch break, but I'm loving the way Edie, by Kim Hargreaves, is knitting up in Bendigo Woollen Mills Blue Denim. I've named her "Cows have all gone running home to put their coats on," which I admit is a mouthful, but when I saw this sweater, I thought of the Marmalade song, "I See the Rain," which I really love and that's my favourite line next to the bit about the ducks congregating around the lily pond (wonder if Stephen Moffat was listening to the song when writing 'The Eleventh Hour' Doctor Who episode?).

And that was a really, really long sentence. On that note, off to find something to eat for lunch.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Macs Should Never Drink Coffee

This week has been madness. On Tuesday, my trusty MacBook finally got tired of simply smelling the coffee and attempted to drink it. Not a great idea. A few days later, I have all my files again and am working away on my iMac, so, as Shakespeare might say, all's well that ends well. But not for the MacBook itself. Apparently MacBooks are by nature tea drinkers. I have had a Mac that survived tea and is still going strong. Coffee, not so much...

And Mimi has been sick all week. It's tough having a sick hen. She can't really explain what's wrong. We've been trying different medicines, foods and such and we're hoping to coax her back to her usual healthy, bubbly self.

So, with great relief, I knitted up a treat for a harrowing week - a Sixteen Cable hat in Malabrigo Vermillion worsted. Oh... I seriously love this hat. I really, really love this hat! The cables are a bit tricky, but well worth the gritted teeth. The combination of those cables and the Malabrigo is too squishy for words. And I did get it out of just the one skein.

Meet, "Ho-ly kittens, Hellboy!" (Yes, I geeked out a little on the name... just a little.)

Isn't the colour gorgeous when the light catches it? Like flame.

And then in the shadows, you can see the pretty top.

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Too much foofaraw."

We got up to Zoe in our unofficial Firefly sock club. And yes, I did have the flash turned off when I took the photo, but since I've already used most of the sugar scrub cubes (from Twin Dreams - they offered cubes that matched the colours in the yarn - see, I think of these details), I couldn't actually retake the photo. Just imagine it... brighter.

If you know Firefly, you'll get the dinosaur ducky, too. Still can't believe I managed to find dinosaur duckies.

I have a slight thing for duckies. Below you'll see one of my all time favourite rubby ducky moments from Chatsworth House.

Yeah, I don't miss being in the UK at all...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Feelin' Silky

Just having a little nighttime tea after a day figuring out all kinds of academic things.

I've come to the realisation, though, that late last week I must have had a serious silky merino craving. Just look at what's been popping up on my doorstep. I discovered a new Etsy site, Fibrewebs, and yes, I was the first sale! On the basis of this lovely purple skein, I can confirm that I can't wait to see more yarn appear on the site! Then my BKFF told me about Lush Yarns. She's thinking of joining the sock club. She asked for my thoughts. I visited the site and came upon the Lucky Dips... which resulted in a bundle of 3 pink skeins. Oh, they really are lovely! And a good deal.

Anyway, a little more writing to do before the weekend proper!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yes, it looks a little odd...

Bad Snow White tube
Originally uploaded by gidgetknits
But this is another sweater down! I've been on a spree, finishing up WIPs that have been hanging about far too long. There's still a few listed on Ravelry, but there's one that I'm deliberately dragging out, because I like it, and a couple that require more cabling thought than I'm strictly capable of at the moment. So now I can start on new, simpler projects!

This, however, is my Bad Snow White (Ysolda's Snow White in Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury - again - there was a theme there). Doesn't it look like the oddest thing when it's not being worn? A long, skinny, tube-y thing. It's kind of fun to wear. I love the sleeves, which flare over your hands. I love that I finally got the knack of the picot bind-off and it looks pretty. I love that it shapes to your figure. I love that I'm going to have to figure out precisely the best way to wear it...

But it is fun and I'll figure that out!

In the meantime, I'm going to put it on, sing to the little creatures outside, and hope that they'll help me clean house. I will also avoid opening the door for old women offering combs, laces or apples. And I will keep an eye open for Prince Charming...