Thursday, May 20, 2010


Pirate sheep have taken over my Edie sweater WIP! They came straight from Scary Merry, in a pretty chest filled with glittery treasure (i.e. a shiny box with glitter in it).

I'm just having a quick lunch break, but I'm loving the way Edie, by Kim Hargreaves, is knitting up in Bendigo Woollen Mills Blue Denim. I've named her "Cows have all gone running home to put their coats on," which I admit is a mouthful, but when I saw this sweater, I thought of the Marmalade song, "I See the Rain," which I really love and that's my favourite line next to the bit about the ducks congregating around the lily pond (wonder if Stephen Moffat was listening to the song when writing 'The Eleventh Hour' Doctor Who episode?).

And that was a really, really long sentence. On that note, off to find something to eat for lunch.

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drkknits said...

maybe lay off the coffee too? :) beautiful looking jumper tho.