Friday, May 14, 2010

Macs Should Never Drink Coffee

This week has been madness. On Tuesday, my trusty MacBook finally got tired of simply smelling the coffee and attempted to drink it. Not a great idea. A few days later, I have all my files again and am working away on my iMac, so, as Shakespeare might say, all's well that ends well. But not for the MacBook itself. Apparently MacBooks are by nature tea drinkers. I have had a Mac that survived tea and is still going strong. Coffee, not so much...

And Mimi has been sick all week. It's tough having a sick hen. She can't really explain what's wrong. We've been trying different medicines, foods and such and we're hoping to coax her back to her usual healthy, bubbly self.

So, with great relief, I knitted up a treat for a harrowing week - a Sixteen Cable hat in Malabrigo Vermillion worsted. Oh... I seriously love this hat. I really, really love this hat! The cables are a bit tricky, but well worth the gritted teeth. The combination of those cables and the Malabrigo is too squishy for words. And I did get it out of just the one skein.

Meet, "Ho-ly kittens, Hellboy!" (Yes, I geeked out a little on the name... just a little.)

Isn't the colour gorgeous when the light catches it? Like flame.

And then in the shadows, you can see the pretty top.


Geek Knitter said...

Awesome hat!

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about the demise of the macbook. but at least it went happy (with the coffee rush and all). oh a malabrigo hat! is there anything more divine?!

Maria said...

Amazing hat, looks very trickey