Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Night

Cupcakes! I adapted, being gluten and dairy free and all, a recipe I found via Angry Chicken. It's my current favourite recipe. Light, fluffy cupcakes every time with little specks of vanilla through them. All I do is use gluten free SR flour instead of the usual flour and soy milk instead of... well, cow milk. I was busy working on revisions and, having been watching 'Amy's Choice' (Doctor Who - that is my dream house) repeatedly, had a sudden urge to get up from the computer to make cupcakes and fresh pots of tea. I could have decorated the cupcakes, it's true, but it was cold, I was trailing my 'Girly Stig' (my shawl that I was wrapped up in), and the cupcakes were warm and steaming... so I started eating them while typing.

I've also finished one half of my Doctor Hoots mittens (Owlie Mittens) in Needle Food's 'Kitchen's on Fire!' and Spud & Chloe in cream. Isn't that the cutest owl? Still a bit damp from blocking in the photo below and, to be honest, big for my hand... but look at that owl! I'm casting on the second mitten tonight while watching 'Vampires of Venice,' which my hens assure me should be entitled 'Hens of Venice.' If you watch, you will see why.

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