Monday, May 31, 2010

Should I Bake Brownies?

Shhh... I'm not here. I'm writing a presentation I have to give tomorrow. I'm also thinking about whether or not baking brownies right now would be good to do...

I sense a late night coming up.

But, I am feeling kind of space age on the home front. After the Death By Coffee of my beloved MacBook, I'm re-Mac'd. I'm even wireless now. And I have an iPad! I know. I've been reading all those grumbly columns and comments online about how no one really needs an iPad.

Yes they do. At least... I do.

It's small, light, and carries all my music, lets me go online, I can read books and research papers, do some document editing, and learn to play drums from Animal (the Muppet). Yes, I discovered apps. Apps are fun. Although I really stink at playing drums. That's slightly embarrassing.

So the iPad does everything I need to do on the run that I used to lug the MacBook about for. Now, the MacBook wasn't extraordinarily heavy... but it was kind of heavy. And then the power adapter on its own was massive. The iPad has a dinky little adapter. And you feel kind of sci-fi tapping away at your screen.

And on display in the above photo - along with my new TARDIS usb hub (I was on a roll) - my new Toast! Or, as I like to call them, "Dr Rush is Toast". Knitted up in a custom colorway of Dr Rush that I mentioned in this blog earlier. They're great. Easy to wear, roll up, roll down... something so amazing simple that gives such pleasure! And warmth. It's been getting chilly.

Now... to brownie or not to brownie...


Rose Red said...

I say ... BROWNIE!

Also, I've been thinking about making some Toast (or similar) for myself...really need them with this crapola weather. Really must just do it!


Gidgetknits said...

I did give into brownie temptation. Okay, off to practice presentation!

John said...

The answer to "should I bake brownies" should never be the same, regardless of the amount or nature of procrastination.

I hope you enjoyed them!

John said...

Oh, and lest I forget, congratulations on your new toy... I mean productivity device.