Friday, June 18, 2010

Doctor Hoots

All done! One pair of Doctor Hoots mittens (Owlie Owl Mittens) in Needle Food's 'Fire in the Kitchen!' and Spud & Chloe cream. To be totally honest, the red did run slightly on the second mitten - I left it to soak just a bit too long. Oops. But it's not bad and let's face it, you mix cream and red, you have to be prepared for the odd run. The mittens are too big, really, for me, but I love the expression on the owls and most mittens fall off my hands in any case, so I don't mind. And in case you were wondering, the name was inspired by this piece of fantastic art.

Speaking of Doctor Who (you'd know that if you clicked the link), I was winding up some Needle Food 'Dining in Denim' ready for a Tilting TARDIS project, when it stuck me how gorgeous it looked next to the Malabrigo Sauterne. It reminds me of the colours in the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who, which is gorgeous on many levels. I now have an obsession with The Starry Night all over again. I had my impressionist phase in my late teens. I'd spend hours at the art gallery, chatting to the security guards and haunting the cafe. I love the cafes at art galleries - there are some brilliant cafes at the Louvre, though I don't recommend the loos... which are hidden in some very odd places in the panelling. Alain de Botton starts The Consolations of Philosophy talking about looking for chocolate milk in a museum cafe, which made me feel a little less odd about my love of cafes in art galleries and museums.

I'm still in the spirit of overhauling old overcoats, too. This is a wool and cashmere duffel coat that has been all over Europe. It's cosy, but the toggles were all loose, the shoulder pads (which I'd always hated) were askew, and it needed TLC. I took out the needle and thread, got rid of the shoulder pads, mended toggles, and added some knitted bows to the pockets. Yes, I'm on a knitted bow kick. But they're just so darned cute!


drkknits said...

oh yes, those colours are totally van gogh! like something straight out of irises. and i loooove the dr who owls! i want some. i need close up pix of the mitts tho, they look amazing. said...

yes I'm with Drk - a close up please! Gorgeous mittens. I want to make them!